Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Tag - Random Photo

So i know you're supposed to take the 4th photo from the 4th picture folder but mine was an edited photo of me when i just woke up with my nose removed LOL so i wasn't going to publish that!
So i took the 4th pic from the next folder and this was much more interesting :)

So this was the first ever floating catwalk in the UK. It was for the opening of Clarence Dock in Leeds and Gok Wan was presenting it.

It was a fantastic day out However Gok was totally up himself in real life when we met him, He walked past everyone with his nose stuck up in the air and also smoked in front of hundreds of impressionable teenagers; which to be honest totally disgusted me.




  1. Oh nooo, and i thought Gok was a nice guy! :O x

  2. Really cool pic, such a pity Gok is a complete arse, a rememeber a model selling a story a few yrs back tho saying he had no respect for women and was always cussing at them and touching them without their consent. Since then I've taken what I see on telly with a pinch of salt!


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