Monday, 9 March 2009

Saturday Night's Make Up Look

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So after several lovely comments from my friends on twitter i thought i would do a post about the make up i wore to hit the town on Saturday Night. Rather than go for a traditional Black winged line i thought i'd funk it up a little bit with an Electric Blue Line :D I love it!!

Studio Fix Fluid
Select Cover Up Concealer
Rimmel Natural Bronzer
Tippy Blush
Blonde MSF

GOSH Liquid Eyeliner
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
GOSH Bananas Eye Kohl

Fashion Mews
A little Underage Lipglass

I would recommend the GOSH liner although it is slightly gloopy and some people could find it difficult to work with. However the longevity of this product is amazing! It did not want to budge :D The colour is also absolutely stunning. One minute you just see a hint of blue then you shut your eye and BAM a wash of electric blue hits you. I LOVE IT!

More posts will be coming about my birthday weekend i promise, I just have so much on im busy busy busy :D

Have a great day everyone


  1. I love love love this. i have a couple of those GOSH liners and found them super gloopy. you need to do a tutorial on how you got your line so perfect. you look glowing!

  2. I love that colour on you! I've been umming and ahhing about fashion mews as well and now I see it on you (we've got more or less the same colouring) I definately think I'm going to take the plunge.. you really do look lovely!

  3. Wow your cheeks look flawless! x

  4. You look gorgeous kelly!

    How do you rate the studio fix fluid and the max factor 2000 calorie?

    I'm dying to try them both...bit skint at the moment :(

  5. How do you do your tan?
    Mine never used to look this good, or is it natural?
    x x x

  6. amazing makeup
    you look stunning

  7. I really love this look, your skin looks fantastic and from the pic of you with your eyes open, I would never guess you were wearing a bright blue liner on your eyes. It looks gorgeous!

  8. i really love that look!
    i'm definetly going to be getting that godh eyeliner of yours! love it!


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