Thursday, 26 March 2009

New Hair??

As you are all aware i had my hair done yesterday and i had a full head of blonde highlights. The main reason for this was the mass of roots i had. However i know feel slightly too blonde again and i think i prefer the colour before. Im now too skint to have any low lights to darken the colour slightly so im stuck with this for a while :/
Here are some before and after shots.



Ok so i think im slightly over reacting but i cant help it, Im seriously picky about my hair, as ive discussed with you all before.
I think im going to have a few darker shade of blonde put through it at the earliest opportunity just to take it back to being slightly closer to my natural colour.
I know... Im terrible.
I do love it... but i think i loved it more before :)



  1. Personally, I love it, I think it suits you really well, better than before! Maybe you just need some time to get used to it...I once went from a brownish bob to a boy-ish cut with blonde took a bit to get use to, but I never went darker!

  2. Wow it looks lovely, great for spring! You're lucky i looked rank with blonde hair!! x

  3. Aaw I think the blonde really suits you! In the lower pic your lips looks a really lovely pink and your eyes are sparkly. Very fresh! Don't let the coursework stress you out, when it's done, you'll feel amazing x

  4. Keep it, it's pretty!

  5. I think the blond look really suits you - you look really fresh and it makes your eyes stand out too... I wish I suited blonde xxx

  6. I love the blond! you look so fresh and glowy in the second picture. x

  7. I always feel the same way when I get my hair done... I always feel its too blonde but give it a few days and you'll love it!! It looks great!!!

  8. Great hair! I think it really suits you. I totally understand being fussy about hair! Too dark and I will cry!
    I went from full head of blonde highlights to all over bleach blonde ages ago and I'm trying to tone it down again.. do lowlights stick to the bleach highlights? I asked for a different blonde put through it and was told it wouldn't stick! Maybe I'll try lowlights :-)


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