Tuesday, 3 March 2009

My New Frock for Friday!

So as you will all know I am 21 on Friday :) I am going out for a meal with family and friends on Friday night and then hitting the town on Saturday! Today I managed to find a really cute dress in River Island that will be perfect for Friday Night. It is a Navy belted shift dress and it is super flattering. It is also a size 10 may i add :D
I was going to go for a traditional LBD but I saw this and fell in love!
I am still looking for an outfit for Saturday Night, I'm wanting something more bright and funky obviously because I'm hitting the clubs and want to feel like a party girl :)
So far I have seen a really nice purple lantern mini skirt that is kind of "poofy" is the word i call it - it isnt skin tight but its hard to describe lol. I would probably wear it with a white vest top tucked into the skirt and then add some funky accessories. But I'm not 100% sure, You see part of me really wants to wear a party dress but so far I haven't seen anything I have fallen in love with :/
If you have seen anything in any high street shops that you think would be nice please could you let me know as I've only got a couple of days left to find something!
Thanks Everyone :)



  1. This dress is so cute I saw it in river island its perfect for a meal size 10 too brill! I was in French connection yesterday and they had a gorgeous strapless kind of tulip skirt dress in black, orange and bright blue. I thought it would be fab with thick black tights. Its called the wizzard dress http://www.frenchconnection.com/category/6/womens+Dresses/Dresses.htm
    If you dont like that they have other gorgeous dresses and I always think they're just that little bit different!! http://www.frenchconnection.com/category/womens+Dresses/Dresses.htm
    Good luck finding one x

  2. Soooo cute and girly. I want one. I could tell it was from R.I as soon as I saw it.
    Their dresses are fab

  3. topshop have some gorgeous dresses at the min, and also spotted one in primark i liked!! hope u find 1 in time!! xx

  4. ooh I love that dress! you'll look gorgeous in it :)


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