Monday, 16 March 2009

London & Oxford Shopping Trip!

So this weekend I went on a shopping trip to London with my best friend Karen :) It was a treat paid for by Karen for my birthday. I got so many nice things it was absolutely fantastic!

I have made a two part video showing all of the things i hauled and you can check them out on my You Tube Channel - If you havn't already seen it its Kelanjo19
Heres the link:

We stayed at Elstree just out of London, This is a pic of our room, the hotel was fantastic!

This is the nicest ice cream i have ever tasted in my entire life! We got it whilst in Oxford from a small coffee shop. It was a scoop of Strawberry and a scoop of Banana, it was absolutely to die for :)

Oxford was absolutely Beautiful, There were so many bicycles and hardly any traffic. Everyone was so nice and the buildings and surroundings were truly stunning. I will definitely be visiting again.

It really was a fabulous weekend and i cant thank my friend Karen enough for making it so perfect :D



  1. Wow what a nice best friend you have! :) x x

  2. Yay! You both look gorgeous, you got stunning weather too xxxx

  3. Look at you two gorgeous gals!!! Glad you had a good weekend! You look great in these pics by the way!!

  4. Wow...what a fab pressie, she spoilt you rotten! You deserve it though, I'm sure! Lovely pics, and enjoyed the vids x x x


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