Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Going Insane!

Hey Everyone!

Well i have well and truly had the day from hell. I got up on my day off from Uni at 8.30am to work on my Mini Dissertation Coursework. This is basically practice for my Full Dissertation next year but it is marked just like any other assignment. The world limit was 6000 plus or minus 10%. Today we more or less finished it with just under 7000 words. The research area we chose was the Effect of the Digital Era on the Music Industry, Focusing on Consumer purchase trends with regard to male and female and age differences.
I know What a mouthful :)
So after completing that I then had to complete a learning log from when i went on a residential with Uni. Im not joking this is the kind of thing you do at Junior School; Never mind Degree Level. To say im on my second year of a degree course and im carrying out work that i was capable of doing at aged 11 is just an insult to mine and anyone else on the course intelligence.
So i have only just finished in the past hour, and i have still had agonising tooth ache the entire time. I have now taken 3 days worth of antibiotics for the abscess i have in my tooth/gum and the pain is exactly the same as it was on Monday. I am actively overdosing on pain relief because the pain really is that bad. I am therefore going to have no choice but to contact the dentist again tomorrow to try and get them to see me after university.
So overall guys I'm thoroughly tired and fed up. Sorry for the rant but as I'm sure you can all appreciate sometimes you've just got to get things off your chest.
I only have one more 6000 word assignment due in which is in the form of a Business Plan, and i have been granted an extension due to the dental problems i am having, So that helps a little bit :)
Hope you are all getting on better than me :)


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  1. A mini dissertation sounds awful, it's bad enough just doing one main one let alone a practice one! Hope your teeth probs clear up soon xx


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