Sunday, 29 March 2009


So if you've seen my new YouTube Videos you will know that today i tried something different with my make up. Ive been thinking about it and decided that i dont want to be wearing a heavy foundation everyday. I have young skin and should be making the most of it. So today i reached for my MAC MSF Natural in medium plus, a little concealer and bronzer and wahla! I liked the result. I really want to try mineral make up and i think i am going to try Prescriptives after
Hele Says fantastic review.
So here it is :)



  1. You rock a more natural makeup - you should so make the most of having great skin while you are young xxx

  2. You look great with both natural and dramatic make up. I love your blog and watching your videos.

  3. loving the natural look :) I go through phases! x

  4. i love ur natural look.
    i love ur vidsss tooo! ur a right inspiration....
    give me some tips on weight loss plssssssss xxx


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