Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sunbeds....Turning off the Light

So I know i havn't posted for a while but for those who don't follow me on Twitter, I have been having a bit of a tough time as of late, Hence the lack of blogposts.
I am however going to try harder to post more blog updates :)
So I have been using the Sunbeds on and off for over a year. I know they are a cardinal beauty sin but something about having a tan makes me happy. Even using the sunbed itself makes me feel happy.
I was hammering them at one point as i use them at my gym and i was at the gym everyday. Now though id say i use them between 2-3 times a week (I know still bad).
I have always always felt guilty about using the Sunbed. I quit smoking, don't drink much, dont do drugs, exercise and look after my body, BUT then i go and use a sunbed?!?!?

Now is there something wrong with my psyche or what?
The truly sad story of Jade Goody has brought to the forefront what i knew all along, That Sunbeds are bad for you and you are willingly putting yourself at risk of Cancer each time you/I use one. Jade Goody has a different form of Cancer i know, but she was a young happy healthy women, and then BANG it just happened.

I am therefore taking the decision to stop using sunbeds, Even though i feel i look horrible when im pasty white :/ I suppose you girls can recommend some excellent fake tans :)

I suppose there is no amount of "having a nice tan" that is worth the risk of getting cancer.
For everyone out their reading this blogpost, Seriously consider the risks of using a sunbed and ask yourself
"Is it really worth it?"



  1. You've got me thinking - I always use sunbeds before I go on holidays as I hate going on hols pasty white and I burn if I haven't been on the sunbeds. Your right tho I have to ask myself is it worth it? I actually just applied St Tropez whipped mousse last night after a Winter of embracing the whiteness and I feel so much healthier today with my tan!! You should try it!!

  2. Sunbeds are definatley not worth it! The damage they do is ridiculous, i dont know why they even exist. I've been once in my life and hated it. Fake tan is much better if you find the right one:)

  3. I would never use a sunbed as cancer risks run in my family. Come pay day i want to try St Tropez and get a facial tanner as well because im sick of looking pasty and i always get commented that i look sick because im so white lol x

  4. Hey hun,
    I realised I've never read your blog all the way through. So I'm working my way through it now. I thought this might be a good post for you to re-read.

    Amy x


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