Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Maple Syrup Diet - Special K Diet

So i thought id better inform everyone that the Lemon Detox didn't get past the first day. The main reason for this as that mentally i really didn't want to do it deep down. An excellent point to note is that physically i wasn't hungry on the first day of the detox. However deep down i just didnt want to do it. I do plan to do the detox in the future when i have some time off of University. That way i can mentally prepare myself for it, and not have to worry about doing anything too strenuous whilst on the detox.
Moving on, I am giving the special K Challenge a bash. I have done this before and had success and in my opinion it is easy enough to follow.

Its a common misconception that you can only eat Speicial K to see results. You can eat more or less any low Calorie and Low Sugar Cereal with Semi Skilled Milk. I tend to have Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and Weetabix believe it or not.
You have cereal for breakfast and substitute either lunch or tea (dinner) with cereal. Throughout the day you can snack on Fruit and Special K Bars. I tend to have cereal for breakfast and Lunch and then have a main meal in the evening :)
This challenge coupled with a small amount of exercise is a great way to kick start my diet again.
Another note is that his week i weighed in and had lost another pound YAY!!
My new weight and starting weight on the Special K Diet is 9 stones 12 pounds (138lbs).
Hope you all have a good week. Keep fighting the fight!


  1. Ive been thinking about the special k diet but the fact of eating only special k bores me, so good point with changing the cerials and having an actual meal

  2. you should try a vegetarian diet for life xP

    I am a vegetarian and I never felt so good and thin ah! xP

  3. I might try this as my diet at the mo is so unhealthy. Basically I eat crisps and chocolate bars all throughout the day, and then have a proper meal for dinner. Maybe eating cereal all day would be healthier!


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