Thursday, 26 February 2009

Hello Kitty

So i succumbed to the Hello Kitty Hype last night and placed an order on
I was originally planning on purchasing much more from the collection but managed to whittle it down somewhat.
As Im still relatively knew to collecting and using make up I havn't experienced many of the collections released from Mac, I'm particularly guttered that I missed out on MoonBeam Heatherette and Fafi :/
I also am still in the process of building up my collection and in particular my brush collection. I do have a few brushes from Mac but as they are quite expensive I am only able to slowly build my collection.
So heres the low down on what i ordered;
Fashion Mews
Too Dolly Eyeshadow Set
Tippy Blush
Pretty Baby Beauty Powder
Pink Fish
Brush Collection

I have heard mixed reviews about this collection and many people (including myself) have become disheartened with the hype surrounding this particular collection. Another point is that i think the packaging in particular could have been MUCH better. I think they should have stuck to the original Pink and White Hello Kitty colour scheme rather than the Voodoo Kitty Black and Grey packaging they have going on.
I'm also aware that there are many dupes available for the majority of the products but to be totally honest, I'm trying as I've said to build my collection so i think its acceptable to buy a few things.
I havn't gone too mad and my original list was more or less everything in the collection, but with the long wait and the reviews i have watched on Youtube and read on fellow blogs I have managed to choose the select few products I have bought.
I received an email today saying my order has already been dispatched? This is super fast as I only placed my order last night!
I can not have the products however until next Friday as they are a gift from my boyfriend for my 21st birthday :)
But rest assured as soon as i have them i will be doing a blogpost and accompanying video :)

So are you still excited for Hello Kitty or have you lost interest?



  1. hi, how dud u order on the website?? ive just looked and the hello kitty stuff still isn't on!! xx

  2. @rainbowdust33 we found a hidden link on the Mac website :) Go to the bottom of the homepage and click on SiteMap. Then you will see a link to the Hello Kitty Collection Hope this helps :) xoxox

  3. thank you sooo much!!!! i just really want the pink fish lol xx

  4. oh no i just tried it and it deosn't work :( the hello kitty links just go to the BBR now so they must have fixed it!! xx

  5. Wow, you're so lucky to be able to order your stuff early. Shame they fixed the link.
    I'm counting the days!!!!


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