Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Ever Changing Hair...

So i dont know about everyone else but i have constantly dyed/changed my hair since about the age of 13. It started with a full head of white peroxide and a perm *shudders at the memory*.
I constantly feel the urge to dye my hair between blonde and brown.
I am naturally a mousey brown colour which i hate! It looks great on other people but on me i hate it! I have therefore swapped and changed from blonde to brown on numerous occasions through the past 4 years.
If i am totally honest i am happiest when i am blonde, However my hair can not handle the amount of over processing involved in the bleaching process, Leaving my hair extremely damaged, split and brittle. Coupled with the effects of straightening and blow drying results in a lethal cocktail for my hair.
This then leads me to thinking "I'll colour it dark.. That will make it healthier"only to then a few months down the line miss my blonde locks.
I went through this process a few months ago.. Going from extremely blonde to extremely dark

This was when my hair was extremely blonde, Not a very good pic but all i can find :(

This was after i decided to go dark... Absolutely loved the length but I decided it was "too dark" and had some highlights...

As you can begn to imagine my hair was sooo brittle on the ends it was snapping off in scary amounts. I have been desperately trying to grow my hair for around 2 years. Ultimately my hair was growing at the roots and snapping at the ends :(
I was advised by the hairdresser to have the 5 inches of dead ends cut off in order for my hair to grow better and be much healthier. I now look like this...

I think I am finally happy with the color of my hair, but if Im totally honest I desperately miss my long (even if severely damaged) locks. I know my hair will grow back but i cant help but feel like I've taken 100 steps back?
How do you all feel about you're hair? Are you as indecisive and over protective as me?



  1. Im going to be honest and say that I love to see you with a shorter cut :D It looks really great on you :D

    One day I colored my hair dark brown and I cried for months lol I looked like a ghost because I am so fair! but now I'm back to my natural blonde hair, after dying my hair like crazy xD I understand you don't feel great about your cut because you're not used to it, but let me tell you that it suits you beautifuly ;)

  2. I think you look lovely with both. Its funny as changing your hair, changes the tone of your skin too.
    I think with the dark hair your eyes which are really beautiful don't stand out quite as well. You suit the Lauren Conrad Californian Blonde look best xo

  3. It's good to have a big chop ever now and again - it keeps your hair healthy.

    I colour mine platinum blonde and my hair is so healthy because it's only regrowth that ever gets bleached the rest is just a toner. I only wash it once a week and use deep conditioners on it. Highlights wrecked my hair!

    Now I wish my hair would grow slower because I'm constantly needing a fringe trim or getting roots!

  4. Hey Kelly!

    Firstly i just wanted to say i'm lovin' your blog & will deffo be following!

    As for your hair, if i can be honest without causing offence, i liked your hair longer!

    I've been dying my hair since i was 13 and i'm now 26 so i've been through loads of wrong colorings, split ends and walking around with hair that feels like a bale of hay lol. So the chop was for the best in my opinion.

    At least you can look forward to your hair growing longer & it'll be healthier too :)

    Oh and the colour you have now really looks great! Really suits you :)

  5. i had dbleached mine so much that mine just didnt grow and looking back it must have been yucky to look at, so i went dark brown and got a pob, which i loved. Ive stopped having it cut short now but its growing back so much nier and thicker now. Im tempted to go blonde again in the summer though...oh no!! lol x


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