Friday, 27 February 2009

Hele and Holly Contest Entry :)

Click on Image to enlarge.

Its a little late i know but i thought i'd have a go :) Ive taken several photos as i have poor lighting. I even resorted to the bathroom to try and find better lighting. The picture i have tried to recreate is Scarlet Johanssen.

Here is the low down on the products i used. I actually dont own a gold eyeshadow so i had to improvise with what i have. As you all know im not used to wearing eyeshadow and therefore dont own many but i did my best :)
Mac Prep and Prime
Studio Sculpt Foundation MW25
Select Cover Up Concealer NW25
Mac MSF Natural in Medium Plus
Mac MSF BBR Blonde
Mac Vanilla Pigment
Rimmel Natural Bronzer
Collection 2000 Shimmer and Shade in number 1 Pink Me up
YSL Touche Eclat

Claires Accessories Eyeshadow Pallet Last shadow 1st row & 3rd Shadow 2nd row
Loreal Paris Colour Appeal Trio Pro Eyeshadow 3
Mac Sable
Mac Bare Canvas Paint
Boots No17 Eyebrow Pencil in Natural Brown
Boujois Liner Pinceau Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Avon Colour Trend Eyeliner Kohl in Black
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

Loreal Glam Shine in Cystal Nude Glow

Mac 188 for foundation
Body Shop Powder Brush
Gosh Eyeshadow Brush
Clinique Blending Brush
Mac 116 Blush Brush
Superdrug own Powder Brush for Bronzer (its really old lol)

This is my first contest entry :) I really enjoyed it actually i think i may start entering more contests and one thing for sure is that im ordering a large eyeshadow pallette :D

Thanks Everyone


Hello Kitty Arrived Already!!!

I kid you not Your eyes are not deceiving you... Today my Hello Kitty order arrived :D
That is really fast for Mac especially as this collection isn't supposed to be launched until next Thursday.
The only rubbish thing is I cant have it until next Friday as thats when it is my birthday :( Its like torture!!!
Give me strength people :)

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Hello Kitty

So i succumbed to the Hello Kitty Hype last night and placed an order on
I was originally planning on purchasing much more from the collection but managed to whittle it down somewhat.
As Im still relatively knew to collecting and using make up I havn't experienced many of the collections released from Mac, I'm particularly guttered that I missed out on MoonBeam Heatherette and Fafi :/
I also am still in the process of building up my collection and in particular my brush collection. I do have a few brushes from Mac but as they are quite expensive I am only able to slowly build my collection.
So heres the low down on what i ordered;
Fashion Mews
Too Dolly Eyeshadow Set
Tippy Blush
Pretty Baby Beauty Powder
Pink Fish
Brush Collection

I have heard mixed reviews about this collection and many people (including myself) have become disheartened with the hype surrounding this particular collection. Another point is that i think the packaging in particular could have been MUCH better. I think they should have stuck to the original Pink and White Hello Kitty colour scheme rather than the Voodoo Kitty Black and Grey packaging they have going on.
I'm also aware that there are many dupes available for the majority of the products but to be totally honest, I'm trying as I've said to build my collection so i think its acceptable to buy a few things.
I havn't gone too mad and my original list was more or less everything in the collection, but with the long wait and the reviews i have watched on Youtube and read on fellow blogs I have managed to choose the select few products I have bought.
I received an email today saying my order has already been dispatched? This is super fast as I only placed my order last night!
I can not have the products however until next Friday as they are a gift from my boyfriend for my 21st birthday :)
But rest assured as soon as i have them i will be doing a blogpost and accompanying video :)

So are you still excited for Hello Kitty or have you lost interest?


Sunday, 22 February 2009

Cute Nail Art

As i discussed in one of my YouTube Videos, I have recently been experimenting with Nail Art.
Tonight i have gone for a layer of my much loved Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Polish ( A must for anyone trying to recover from the trauma of acrylics) and some really cute star and butterfly nail stickers with another layer of Sally Hansen on top.

I hope you can see from the pictures how cute they are but the flash distorts the picture somewhat :/

I love love love them and i will keep uploading pics each time i try out a new look :) Get on the bandwagon and start making your nails all pretty :D

Dove Summer Glow

I have today bought some Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tanning Lotion after so many of you recommended it :)
I am probably going to use it every night until i have built up the desired look :) I will keep you updated on how it goes :)
This is what it looks like...

I paid around £6.00 for this product from Sainsbury's so that isn't too bad.
I usually use this fake tan spray by Ambre Solaire - No streaks Bronzer, It lasts quite well, but when it starts to fade it fades patchy and you have to literally scrub it off :/ It also has a bit of a funky smell LOL
I will keep you all posted on how it goes :D

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sunbeds....Turning off the Light

So I know i havn't posted for a while but for those who don't follow me on Twitter, I have been having a bit of a tough time as of late, Hence the lack of blogposts.
I am however going to try harder to post more blog updates :)
So I have been using the Sunbeds on and off for over a year. I know they are a cardinal beauty sin but something about having a tan makes me happy. Even using the sunbed itself makes me feel happy.
I was hammering them at one point as i use them at my gym and i was at the gym everyday. Now though id say i use them between 2-3 times a week (I know still bad).
I have always always felt guilty about using the Sunbed. I quit smoking, don't drink much, dont do drugs, exercise and look after my body, BUT then i go and use a sunbed?!?!?

Now is there something wrong with my psyche or what?
The truly sad story of Jade Goody has brought to the forefront what i knew all along, That Sunbeds are bad for you and you are willingly putting yourself at risk of Cancer each time you/I use one. Jade Goody has a different form of Cancer i know, but she was a young happy healthy women, and then BANG it just happened.

I am therefore taking the decision to stop using sunbeds, Even though i feel i look horrible when im pasty white :/ I suppose you girls can recommend some excellent fake tans :)

I suppose there is no amount of "having a nice tan" that is worth the risk of getting cancer.
For everyone out their reading this blogpost, Seriously consider the risks of using a sunbed and ask yourself
"Is it really worth it?"


Sunday, 8 February 2009

Whats In and Out 1

Whats In:
  • Getting my first item of size 10 clothing *yay*
  • Pepsi Max
  • Barry M Turquoise Nail Paint - Yes im still wearing it :)
  • Nars Blush in Torrid
  • Pearls
  • Friends in the Make Up Community on Twitter
Whats Out:
  • The snow turning to ice = Me slipping everywhere
  • My MAC order taking forever to arrive
  • The GOSH DuoFibre Brush shedding the first time I used it
  • Spending all of my wage the day i get paid... Bad Move :/

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Maple Syrup Diet - Special K Diet

So i thought id better inform everyone that the Lemon Detox didn't get past the first day. The main reason for this as that mentally i really didn't want to do it deep down. An excellent point to note is that physically i wasn't hungry on the first day of the detox. However deep down i just didnt want to do it. I do plan to do the detox in the future when i have some time off of University. That way i can mentally prepare myself for it, and not have to worry about doing anything too strenuous whilst on the detox.
Moving on, I am giving the special K Challenge a bash. I have done this before and had success and in my opinion it is easy enough to follow.

Its a common misconception that you can only eat Speicial K to see results. You can eat more or less any low Calorie and Low Sugar Cereal with Semi Skilled Milk. I tend to have Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and Weetabix believe it or not.
You have cereal for breakfast and substitute either lunch or tea (dinner) with cereal. Throughout the day you can snack on Fruit and Special K Bars. I tend to have cereal for breakfast and Lunch and then have a main meal in the evening :)
This challenge coupled with a small amount of exercise is a great way to kick start my diet again.
Another note is that his week i weighed in and had lost another pound YAY!!
My new weight and starting weight on the Special K Diet is 9 stones 12 pounds (138lbs).
Hope you all have a good week. Keep fighting the fight!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Ever Changing Hair...

So i dont know about everyone else but i have constantly dyed/changed my hair since about the age of 13. It started with a full head of white peroxide and a perm *shudders at the memory*.
I constantly feel the urge to dye my hair between blonde and brown.
I am naturally a mousey brown colour which i hate! It looks great on other people but on me i hate it! I have therefore swapped and changed from blonde to brown on numerous occasions through the past 4 years.
If i am totally honest i am happiest when i am blonde, However my hair can not handle the amount of over processing involved in the bleaching process, Leaving my hair extremely damaged, split and brittle. Coupled with the effects of straightening and blow drying results in a lethal cocktail for my hair.
This then leads me to thinking "I'll colour it dark.. That will make it healthier"only to then a few months down the line miss my blonde locks.
I went through this process a few months ago.. Going from extremely blonde to extremely dark

This was when my hair was extremely blonde, Not a very good pic but all i can find :(

This was after i decided to go dark... Absolutely loved the length but I decided it was "too dark" and had some highlights...

As you can begn to imagine my hair was sooo brittle on the ends it was snapping off in scary amounts. I have been desperately trying to grow my hair for around 2 years. Ultimately my hair was growing at the roots and snapping at the ends :(
I was advised by the hairdresser to have the 5 inches of dead ends cut off in order for my hair to grow better and be much healthier. I now look like this...

I think I am finally happy with the color of my hair, but if Im totally honest I desperately miss my long (even if severely damaged) locks. I know my hair will grow back but i cant help but feel like I've taken 100 steps back?
How do you all feel about you're hair? Are you as indecisive and over protective as me?

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