Wednesday, 30 December 2009

“Grown Up” Pink Nail Polish

I love this Nail Polish by NYC. I only own a couple of polishes by this particular brand  and I bought this one a while ago, although I do intend on buying more :)

This is “NYC In a New York Color Minute” in the shade Uptown and its what I like to call my grown up pink, imagine what Barbie’s nails would look like on a chill out day. Its not too bright or bubblegum, but still a gorgeous pink shade.
This polish goes on nicely, lasts reasonably well and is cheap as chips! (If I remember it was about £2 ish) Everything a girl could ask for in a nail polish! :)
Have you tried any nail polishes buy NYC?

Friday, 18 December 2009

In and Out

Havn't done one of these for ages!! So whats in and whats out??
Its only 7 sleeps till Christmas Woohoo!!
My hair being nearly long enough to tie up!
Watching Home Alone 2 amongst other festive movies

Coming in from the cold and having a nice hot cup of tea
Blagging a MOT for Life card from the car dealership I bought my car from... you guessed it, I get free MOT's for as long as I own the car :)

University... Is it over yet?
The Snow - bit of a double edged sword this one, I love the snow, its so pretty, but for some reason the entire country seems to come to a halt whenever it snows!
My pumps leaking = soggy feet booo!
Spending £24 on Estee Lauder Double Wear and still prefering my Revlon Colourstay. Will be doing a review soon!
Thats it for outs I think!!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Virgin Vie….



A few weeks ago I was invited to a Virgin Vie at Home Party. I was a bit dubious to be honest as I’ve never been to anything like it before, and from what I’d already seen of the products I thought they were over priced.
The actual party itself was ok apart from the “talk” at the start, which involved the consultant talking at us for what felt like forever. After that we got to look at the products and try a few bits.
I bought a couple of things, mainly because I felt obliged to be honest but I picked up a concealer palette and an eye shadow quad.
The “Correct and Perfect” concealer is one of these that works on the principles of the colour wheel using opposite colours to cancel each other out. Nice concept but not so nice coverage. It feels almost greasy and very thin in consistency, and provides no where near enough coverage for me. Also quite pricey at £10.00
The eye shadow quad is not too bad, the colours are nice and they last ok throughout the day without too much creasing. However I hate the packaging if I’m honest. Its just…. blue…and cardboard. This also cost £10.00, I’ve used it twice since I got it :/
I think these products are ok, but overpriced for what they are, I would much rather spend my time perusing boots and picking up a couple of gems in there :)
Have you tried any Virgin Vie products? Am I missing out on any hidden gems, or is this as good as it gets?

Friday, 11 December 2009

Aussie Girls Night Out – Manchester!!

You always know you’ve had a good night when you wake up in the morning with a banging headache and several photos on your camera you cant quite remember taking. Last night was a prime example of this.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Aussie Girls Night Out Party in Manchester last night. I don’t often get opportunities to go out drinking that often, so when the lovely Nicola invited me to go along I said yes straight away.

I havn’t previously been involved with the Aussie Campaign, but wowee what a way to get on the wagon. Last night was genuinely not only by far the best Bloggers Event I’ve attended, but it was the best night out me and Karen have had for a long time.

The party was held at The Hula Bar and Tiki Lounge in Manchester,  which was a little tricky to find considering Karen and I have only ever been to Manchester once haha!  After walking around trying to use my satnav on my iphone  for an hour and asking several passers by we finally found it. Then the fun really began.

We were the first to arrive and were greeted my the gorgeous people at 1000 Heads, Lisa, Lauren and Emma. The evening started with champers, but I’m not a huge fan so proceeded straight to the raspberry vodka and lemonade complete with a real raspberry! Shortly after lots of other girls arrived and the amazing Lina from Illamasqua arrived to do our make up (she was also at the Illamasqua Event) We got false lashes the works. I absolutely loved what she did with everyone’s make up, she was lovely to chat to and super talented.

SDC11405 The gorgeous Lina chatting to Sinead!

Not long after this Simon the butler arrived, dressed in a lifeguard get up he did a fabulous job of supplying us with cocktails and shots ALL night. I kid you not girls I’m not quite sure how I managed to drink so much! There was also a magician who was completely freaking everyone out with his crazy skills! Pulling cards out of his mouth?? Yeah that’s what I’m talking about haha!

SDC11407 Simon our Butler for the evening!

The cocktails were also out of this world, I’ve never seen anything like it! By the end of the night I was sat hugging a barrel and drinking it to myself haha.


Volcano Cocktail, yes that’s right its a cocktail!!


Another Coctail in the form of a Barrell and some yummy nibbles


Yep… More Cocktails!!



It true Kelanjo style we were the first to arrive and the last to leave. I met so many amazing girls who I maybe wouldn’t have had the chance to speak to and get to know if it had been a larger event, or maybe based in a different location. Everyone was truly lovely, and the focus was on bloggers having a nice time, chilling out and getting to know each other. There was no product pushing of any sort, we received a cute vanity case with a few bits and bobs in, and there was just a real feeling of having a “Girls Night Out!”

SDC11392 Pheobe, Karen, Me.

SDC11393 Me and the lovely Lauren from 1000Heads

SDC11397Phoebe, Emma from 1000Heads and Me.

SDC11409 Phoebe, Me and Kat.

SDC11410 The gorgeous Lisa from 1000Heads, Sinead, Me and Briony.

SDC11404 Evidence of the food/cocktails/shots we left behind haha!

So in the end Me, Karen, Kat and her fella Mark left and went our separate ways, Karen and I staggered to the train station (at this point  may I add we had absolutely no idea where the hell we were going) and tried to find our boyfriends who had come to pick us up thank god. However once we actually got to the station, it took us a further 25 minutes to find them, and in the end up it was a lovely police man that helped us to track them down. Oh lordy it was so funny!!

I finally got home at around 2am and proceeded straight to bed. This morning once I came round a bit I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Karen remembering how amazing the whole night was. Thankfully I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself…  I hope ;) and as I type I’ m sat in bed nursing a terrible hang over thinking what a brilliant night.

I really hope there are more events like this, it was absolute perfection!



Sunday, 6 December 2009

Remington Style Therapy – Wet2Straight Slim Straightener Review.

Here is my two cents on the new wet2straight straighteners by  Remington.
I owned a pair of these when they first came out about 3 years ago. To be totally honest I didn’t really rate them then, so when I was asked to review them, I wondered how much they have improved since the original ones.
I should say I will not be able to review the wet2straight aspect of these straighteners. As many of you know I had a huge hair trauma not so long ago, and subsequently have to avoid heat treatment as much as possible. Therefore using 230 degree heat on my wet hair is just not an option.
I can however review the straightener aspect of them and whether the design has improved.
  1. Quick Heat up – Approximately 15 seconds
  2. Adjustable Heat Control and wide temperature range from 150-230 degrees
  3. Comes with Heat Proof Pouch for Storage
  4. The ceramic plates are longer in length than other straighteners I’ve used
  5. They come with a 5 year guarantee – that's pretty amazing!
  6. The actual cosmetic design is a million times better than the previous ones – lovely purple colour and digital display
  7. Can be used just as a straightener
  1. Unfortunately for me, I think the entire concept is fundamentally flawed from the word go. Using heat from 150-230 degrees on wet hair is an absolute no no, well it is for me anyway. It follows though that you don’t have to use the steam part, you can just use them as straighteners, but doesn’t this flaw the entire purpose of the product in the first place?
  2. The curved design on the top handle is really rather tricky to get used to at first. I’m not entirely sure why its curved if I’m honest?
On a final note, I have used the Remington Shine Therapy Straighteners for approximately 2 years now and I think they are fantastic, if I was to recommend which style of Remington straighteners to go for – purely from  a straightener aspect though, I would say the Shine Therapy win hands down.
Hope this has been useful :)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I just sussed out what is causing my problems – The Depo Provera Injection.

Fore warning - This is going to be a long post, and I can not guarantee that all of the information is medically 100% correct, as it is information I have found on the internet and is obviously not as reliable as going to a GP. Also I am fully aware that different things effect people differently.


Excuse Cheesy Photo haha

When I was younger I was on the Depo Provera Contraceptive Injection for a couple of years. From what I can remember, I had no side effects.

So when I restarted the injection around 4 years ago after a spell of trying different contraceptives, I assumed like before I would have no side effects, I also didn’t think to do any research on the drug as I hadn't had problems previously.

As many of you know, I have been on a weight loss journey for a long time. Over the past 12 months I have found it incredibly difficult to lose weight despite eating healthily and exercising. I’ve  not always been perfect, but I’ve slowly gained nearly 20lbs over this 12 month period.

This was the first thing that started to ring alarm bells with me about the depo. I however dismissed it and thought I didn't have problems when younger, I actually lost 30lbs over the first 2 years I was on it thanks to diet and exercise, so it couldn’t be that.

After several thyroid tests etc there was still no reason I should be finding it so difficult to lose weight.

Roll on my Acne. Until the age of around 18 I had perfect skin. That may sound slightly big headed but no joke all through my teens I NEVER had spots. Ever. All of a sudden I hit 18 and develop Acne? Again I dismissed the fact it could be the Depo, as I’d been on it before. It wasn’t until a meeting with my GP a couple of months ago that I discovered the most likely cause for my Acne was the injection, as it has a tendency to cause Oily Skin. After I was told this I already planned to stop taking the Depo and maybe switch to the pill.

For the last few weeks I have failed to lose any weight whatsoever. Despite my best efforts…. You just know in yourself when something isn’t right.

Tonight I went to my Weightwatchers Meeting and raised the issue that I thought the Depo is making it more or less impossible to lose weight. I was shocked by what followed. My leader told me EVERY single member she had that was on the injection found it incredibly difficult to lose weight.

She then announced it in the meeting and around 10 women all said the same thing.

So I came home, and for the first time ever I Googled the side effects of the Depo Provera.

I have spent the last 2 hours reading Medical Studies and several chat forums, mainly caloriecount , and the comments section of an American medical study.

I am absolutely astounded that I have NEVER been informed of the side effects of this injection. The only thing I have ever been told is that it increases the appetite and can cause loss of bone density.

After reading what I have tonight I am 100% sure that the Depo has been causing pretty much all of my problems.

Namely, Bad Skin, Weight Gain or Inability to lose weight, Fatigue, and others.

I have only read 2 of about 100 comments that have not experienced weight gain whilst on it, with the majority of women gaining approximately 30lbs within the first 6-12 months of taking the contraception.

I have read several comments of women experiencing shocking skin trouble after the first couple of months of taking the Depo.

The biggie that I was not expecting was the Fatigue. Just this morning I tweeted about how no matter how much sleep I got, I always feel tired? I have been saying this for some time, and now I know why…

Most importantly, there were lots of comments from women who have been on the injection for several years before experiencing any side effects. Which to a certain extent is what has happened with me.

It seems everything points to the Depo, and there is  far too much for it just to be a coincidence. I think the main reason I wasn’t aware that this is what has been causing my problems is because I do not see a GP for my contraception. I go to a Sexual Health Clinic, and because they are not a GP they are just Nurses, they cant really identify and associate Medical Conditions with Contraception. ( I found this out when I asked about my Acne at the Clinic.)

So what happens next? I am coming off of the Depo (I was due to have it at the beginning of December) and I will not be going onto any other type of Hormonal Contraception until my periods resume naturally. ( I should mention I havn’t had a period the whole time I’ve been on it, so for nearly 4 years.)

When it comes to contraception in the future I will be seeing my GP.

You know when you just know something? When you just have that gut feeling inside? Well I just absolutely positively know that when I come off of this injection I am going to get back to my natural weight, my skin is going to return to normal, and I’m going to  be energetic again. I just know it.

On the other side I do know some women who have no problems whatsoever whilst on the injection, but believe me, after what I have researched tonight, they are in a VERY small minority.

Like I said, I only started having noticeable side effects over the past 12 months, after being on the Depo Provera for nearly 4 years.

So what would I advise if you were thinking about going on the injection? Personally I would not advise it, and I would say if you are seriously considering it, do your research beforehand, because although its very convenient, the side effects really are not worth it.

What have been your or your friends experiences with the Injection? I very much doubt I’m the only person in this position.



Sunday, 22 November 2009

Its an Oldie but Goodie :)

As beauty bloggers and beauty junkies in general, we are always trying to find the next best thing when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products.
However we all have a a few faithful friends who we always come back to, who never let us down, So why the hell cant we just stick to the notion of “Better the Devil you know?” Instead of spending time and money testing new products always looking for something with that little something extra. Well I’ll tell you why… We wouldn’t be beauty bloggers if we did haha!
So here are a select few of my faithful friends, I like to call the “Oldies but Goodies” I would love to see yours.. Lets make this into a bit of  a tag and spread some Oldie but Goodie Love haha!
IMG_0817 These babies have been repurchased more times than I can remember over the years. I pretty much NEVER deviate from these 3 products.
Good old Sal’ I think we all know and love her miracle working nail polishes. Then we have Maybelline Express Finish in Red Seduction, my all time Go To Red Nail Polish. Perfect for the winter months, looks so striking on the nails. I always get compliments when I wear this polish.
IMG_0820Gucci by Gucci Perfume, I have several favourite perfumes but I seem to wear this all the time in Winter. I love it :)
IMG_0821These two bad boys have been making an appearance in my beauty routine since I was about 14. Seriously.
On another note, I’m feeling rather Carrie Bradshaw with my new set up… Haha I got a new desk a couple of weeks ago to help me with my studies. I think its also because I’m in front of my window, I always picture her with a fag, sat at her laptop at her desk in front of the window and saying “ I couldn’t help but wonder…” I hope you know what I mean ;)
IMG_0824Cant wait to see your Oldie but Goodies :)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Fancy a bit of Chanel in your life?... Kind of :)

I've always fancied myself looking down at my wrist and seeing a Chanel J12 Watch. As lovely as this would be, I very much doubt it will ever be a reality due to its heavy price tag.

Cue good old Argos and Sekonda :)

I found these little beauties a few months ago and purchased the white one first. I also know a few other bloggers who have this watch. Well last week I went and bought myself the black one too because I love them so much :) The resemblance really is uncanny, and I am more than happy to have this until the day comes I have a real one. Hell I suppose I don't even need the real thing now I've got these bad boys!

Sorry for the rubbish photo - I used my iphone to take it.

They cost £19.99 each is a currently an offer on too, where you can buy one and get one for half price! Even better so you can get yourself one of each colour, and Argos will even remove links for you if its required - for free! Good Times!!

I can't recommend these watches enough :) You get the lovely look of the Chanel Watches without breaking the bank!


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday Summary

Its that time of the week again :) Here's my Sunday Summary!

1. Rejoining Twitter and getting to chat with the lovely people I missed whilst I was away. Life's too short thats what I say, my break away did me some good :) This time round Im going to make sure I dont get addicted though ;)

2. Huge clean up of my bedroom today :) Tidy Room Tidy Mind thats what I say!

3. Drunken Harry Potter Cluedo on Saturday Night :) Yeah you heard right, we had a mean game of Harry Potter Cluedo and Cranium on Saturday Night, paired with raspberry vodka = good times :)

4. Buried the hatchett and made friends with Adams Mum. We had a fall out a while ago and this week I made the effort to make amends, thanks to my new positive attitude :) I'm glad I did, feels great!

5. Listening to Paulo Nutini's Pencil Full of Lead amongst other "happy" songs :) Nothing changes my mood like music can!

How has your week been? Would love to here 5 great things from your week!

Thats all for now lovers!


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bad Romance

I cant quite put my finger on why - but it think this is a pretty amazing music video. Granted its weird as hell.. but thats kind of what I love about it?

What do you think?

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sunday Summary!

Hey everyone!
So this is the start of a new weekly post I will be doing – its basically a summary of 5 good things that have happened throughout the week :) The lovely Amy inspired me to do this – make sure you go check her out!!
1. It obviously have to be my iphone working again :) Still can’t believe it Yay!
2. Catching an episode of Gimme Gimme Gimme on Gold last night – totally forgot how much I loved this programme back in the day!
3. Doing a little bit of Christmas Shopping today with Adam – I love getting into the festive spirit!!
4. I managed to get one of my assignments completed! Hallelujah! Really starting to feel like I can handle my workload now :)
5. Deleting my Twitter – it is single handedly one of the best things I have done for myself right now. I have realised how unproductive it made me  and I am reaping the benefits :) Im not saying I will never return but right now I am really enjoying being away from it!
Here’s to a great week!!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

I can hardly control myself ;)

Yeah its less than two weeks until New Moon is out at Cinema's.. I know I can hardly wait!!

I'm a proper TwiBopper haha!! If you are too put your hand up :)

Hell Yeah!!! *High Five*


As if by Magic….

My iphone has started working again!!!! WOOOHOO!
After leaving it in a sealed container filled with dried rice, on top of a radiator for 3 days.. I thought to myself “I’ll turn it on and see if it works”.. And its did!!! :)
091107-172539 WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!
Can you tell Im happy??

Friday, 6 November 2009

Need your roots doing?

Any DIY blondes out there that need your roots doing, I have a couple of hair dyes spare from when I attempted to bleach my own locks! I never used them so I’m giving them away to someone who will put them to good use!
091106-152004 Clairol Perfect 10 in Light Ash Blonde
091106-152058 Loreal Recital Preference in 01 Lightest Natural Blonde
Leave a comment below saying which one you want and I will randomly pick a winner for each of the dyes :)
No entries after 6pm please! Sorry UK only as I cant afford to post internationally!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What a way to go!

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse... I go and drop my iphone in my cup of tea!!
I kid you not, i dropped my entire phone into my brew! It sounds hilarious but in reality its not so funny.

I'm now stuck with a 24 month contract with no iphone, and Apple will not repair an iphone with liquid damage. It wouldn't matter anyway because I have no insurance but just so any iphone users know - any liquid damage whatsoever automatically voids any warranty you may have - even the paid for Apple Care.
I have lost all of my numbers, photos etc and I am left with only limited options.

I can buy a new iphone which will cost between £300 - £400. So really this is not an option at all because there will never be a day Im willing to spend that amount of money on a phone.

I can try and use the sim in my blackberry and add a "bolt on" so i can use it in the blackberry. The only issue is Im trying to do this as I type, and because the blackberry is a business phone, its on BT and is therefore rejecting the o2 sim card.

I can get another contract phone.. one that isnt such a long contract

I can buy a cheap phone and try use the sim in that with a bolt on, but this would be very difficult going from using a smart phone to a standard phone.

I can get another iphone contract.

I am reluctant to get another iphone however because of what's happened. I have had several problems and although this is my fault and I can fully accept that - i think the whole completely void warranty is a little harsh, especially if you pay for extra warranty.

Im trying to stay composed but its proving difficult. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I have read to put in a sealed container with rice and leave it for 3 days so I have done that, but there is no way I can go without a phone for 3 days. Its just not going to happen!!

Typical Me, no i didnt drop in down the loo, in the bath or in the sink... I dropped it in my cup of tea hahaha!! You know how much I love my tea!! At least it went in a good way :)


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Blog Interview with Lauren Loves

Check out my Life and Loves Interview with Lauren Holden of Lauren Loves. Shes Awesome :)


Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

I’m just checking out the Windows Live Writer Software on my new laptop. The interface looks much easier to use than blogger and if this works it may make blogging less hard work!
I often struggle with uploading images and sometimes blogger decides to change  the size and style of font whenever it chooses.
Ok and I’ve just uploaded a random photo and it was about a million times faster AND you can actually re position the photo WOOHOO!!
This computer is just getting better and better! :)
Hope you are well!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Guess Who's The Owner of a Shiny New Pink Laptop??

Yes you guessed it!! Today my new laptop arrived from Dell.

You may be thinking " Why the hell have I ordered a Dell when I'm an avid Apple lover and also own a Mac Book Air?"

Well I'll tell you why, after forking out £1200.00 on my Macbook Air the screen has decided to pack up on me. It is still usable but ultimately needs a screen replacement.

To say Im disappointed is an understatement as I absolutely love my Air.

The other niggle is it only has a 70gb Hard drive which is completely full :/

So to continue using the Air I need to spend almost £300 on the screen and also buy an external hard drive... Hmmm not great.

Im also coming into my final year of University = Dissertation Time Boo!! This means I can not use the Air to do such important work on, as it poses the risk of the screen going completely and not having enough space to save everything.

So I decided (as I cant afford a MacBook Pro at the moment) the best thing to do would be to buy a Low to Mid Priced Laptop as a stop gap.

Cue Dell....

As soon as I saw the "Lollipop Lollipop" Dell Inspiron 15 Adverts showing the different coloured laptops it was love...I've always fancied myself as Elle from Legally Blonde typing away on a Pink Laptop ;)

Anyway I ordered myself a Dell and I'm pleasantly surprised with what arrived this morning.

The inside of the Laptop...

If you didnt already know, Dell allows you to order the bog standard laptop then "Add On" whatever extra components you want.

The basic system was that.. pretty basic, and if you are on a serious budget you can pick a plain laptop for the £300 mark. However I had about £400 budget and decided to add a few extras.

Extras I added:

The Pink Flamingo High Gloss Finish Colour
Built in Webcam
Extra Hard drive space of 250gb
Extra Memory (Adam took care of that aspect I had no clue but i think its 2gb?)
And most importantly a 6 Cell Lithium Battery

I have heard from several bloggers that the batteries from Dell are notouriously rubbish.. but considering the fiasco with my Air Screen its not that big of a deal. I still however took the precaution of upgrading the battery to the next best one.

So how much was it with all of the added extra's I hear you cry?? Well the exact price was £412.00 and it arrived in 4 days!

Another thing to note is that Dell are currently doing an offer for 3mb of Memory with the Inspiron 15 Laptops, and a wide range of colours are available.

Also the system does not come with Microsoft Office, so you will have to purchase this, I believe the Student Version is the cheapest and can be installed on up to 3 computers (I already had this software.)
So I can't do a full reveiw straight away but I will be definitely doing one at some point.

I can however give you my first impressions :)

The finish is absolutely gorgeous, it is the glossiest thing I have ever seen Inside and Out, this is going to result in a duster being used on it everyday to get rid of all of the fingerprints

For £400 it is an absolute bloody steal, Of course its not the best, Its not going to be comparable to a MacBook Pro but for the Price its bloody fantastic
The size: After being used to using the worlds slimmest laptop for 12 months I thought it would be like carrying around and using a beast, but I'm really glad to report that it doesnt feel too big at all
There is a slot for a camera memory card to be inserted = impressed

It has a CD/DVD Rewriter Drive, sounds basic but the Air didnt have this and I had to use an external USB CD Drive....

Last but not Least... ITS BLOODY PINK!!!! :D :D
If you have absolutely anymore questions please do not hesitate to ask!!


Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Body Shop, Illamasqua, and Maybelline Blogger Events.

Ok Girls, as many of you will be aware over the last 6 weeks or so there has been a few Blogger Events, Namely The Body Shop, then Illamasqua, and finally Maybelline.

I decided a while ago that I was going to do this as an "All in One" Blogpost so to speak, and keep the talk about the products we received to a minimum. The reason behind this is purely that I'm 99% sure you will have already read and seen photo's about the products we got a these events, and for me personally after reading the first few blogs I begin to get tired of reading the same thing. Although I do appreciate everyone wants to share their thoughts about the events. Anyway tangent :) I am going to briefly talk about in turn the 3 events and give you my thoughts on the Events themselves.

The Body Shop.

So The body Shop was the first of these events and was based in London. The venue was absolutely fabulous, set in a quirky Bar/Restaurant Sketch. The set up was brilliant and it was superbly organised. Inside Sketch in what I believe was the gallery room was such a lovely set up with colourful balloons and hearts everywhere, white furniture and kitsch cake stands.

The main focus of the event was the launch of a couple of new products: Love Etc Perfume and the New Pearlescent Cosmetic Line.
Initially Chase Aston (a make up artist) gave a make up demo using several of the products from the new make up line on Laura and another model.

Following this the group was split into two halves, one who took a trip to a Body Shop Store whilst the other half were given a lesson on Perfumery. Then we swapped and did the opposite.

I have to say the trip to the Body Shop store was for me a little bit of a strange thing to have us doing, but I can see the reasoning behind it for possibly showing people who have never visited a body shop store before. (Again I think this would be highly unlikely that a beauty blogger attending A Body Shop Event would not have heard of The Body Shop?)

The personal highlight for me was learning about what actually goes into creating a perfume, we learnt about the Base Notes, Heart Notes and top Notes of a perfume, and I found the whole thing fascinating.

After this we were given our Goody Bags containing various products. Namely a Skin Care Range suited for our Skin Type, The new range of Pearlescent Cosmetics and the Love Etc Perfume and Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream

To sum up what I thought of the products:
Seaweed Range: So Far Ok, but havn't used enough to pass judgement

Pearlescent Range of Powders and Eyeshadows: Blah, not for me

Lipsticks: Slightly confused about the fact they only gave about 4 wearable colors out of the entire 11 lipsticks we received. It was fab if you wore nothing but bright red lipstick, but if you didnt your kinda screwed

Love Etc Perfume and Handcream: Lovely Scent, Wish it lasted longer, The Hand Cream: Nothing Special but for a Good Cause and definitely worth a fiver.

Overall it was a brilliant event, although for me there were just far too many people and it felt as if the event was over before I'd even had chance to eat my scone lol :)

Illamasqua Dystopia Event.

There were two Events held: One in London, and one in Manchester. I attended the Manchester Event.

Ok this was my favourite Event, which you will be surprised to hear as I previously wasnt how shall I say? I wasnt Illamasqua's biggest fan, I thought it was all "hype" and I personally dont own anything from them.

I went to the event with an open mind. I wanted to find out more about the values behind the brand and actually get a chance to look and play with the products in an environment away from a make up counter, where to be honest I aways feel slightly pressured to buy something, and 9 times out of 10 I really dont want to hear the Hard Sale from a make up Artist when I say anything I swatch is nice.

First off it was so refreshing to have a "Northern" Event. It seems as though some Companies forget there are any major cities outside London lol, and believe me travelling 3 hours to London and back every time there is an event is really rather tiresome.

First and Foremost the venue. Oh My God it was absolutely stunning. The event was based at the infamous Ithaca in Manchester. If Illamasqua was a Building, Ithaca would be it.

It was all dark and luxurious, with a Black and Silver Decor running throughout. Words can not describe how breathtaking the place was. Just Stunning.

When we arrived we were greeted with what can only be described as the most Beautiful - But Lethal cocktails known to man lol.

All I know is they contained Vodka and Cranberry Juice of some form.. Whatever else they had in them remains a mystery lol but they did the trick.

We then had the chance to play around with several of the products in the Dystopia Range, which to my surprise was no where near as how shall we say "Whacky" as I first thought they would be. It was made up of mainly Deep Greys, Blacks and Silvers with the odd dash of Hot Pink thrown in for good measure.

I do have to say though I still wouldn't wear the majority of the products because I just dont wear alot of eyeshadow in the first place, and when i do its always very "safe" :)

We then watched a short promo video about the collection, and when their was a technical hitch Alex Box stepped in like a pro and talked us through the concepts and inspirations behind the collection.

After this came the personal highlight of the event. Sylvia Lancaster, Sophie Lancasters Mother spoke to us about the way in which Sophie was murdered just for looking different.
Her strength and courage was just incredible and it moved me to tears, Yes I welled up whilst she gave her speech. She told us all about the S.O.P.H.I.E Charity and encouraged to us to stand up against Hate Crime. It was truly truly inspirational and I count myself as lucky having being given the chance to meet her and listen to her speak.

After this we were left to play with products chat, eat the fabulous food served and watch a demonstration carried out by Alex Box on MizzWorthy. Towards the end of the event a few of us got to have a chat with Alex Box, the Make Up Artist behind Illamasqua, she was incredibly interested in finding out more about our thoughts and opinions and wanted to gain an insight into why we "blogged".

The Finished Result....
Upon leaving we were given a goody bag which contained one product (everyone got different products) a contribution towards travel costs, a poster, an Ithaca Card and a S.O.P.H.I.E wristband.
I was over the moon with my product as it was the one thing I really wanted to try and knew 100% I would use.

I received a pearlescent pink lipgloss called which is just gorgeous! Its in the shade Explode.

There was a few hiccups with the Goody Bags but the Illamasqua staff were only too happy to rectify this.

The entire event was for me just fabulous, There was just the right amount of people, great food, great drinks, and great company! What more can a girl ask for!! :)

Maybelline Event.

So the Maybelline Event only happened a couple of days ago, so there are lots of blogposts flying around about it. Therefore this part will only be brief. I have also done a Youtube video showing and talking about all of the products we received in our Goody Bags and you can find that here.

This event was held in London and was organised by the same PR Company who organised The Body Shop Event - Headstream PR. The main person liasing between Bloggers is Natalie Kitcher who deserves a round of applause for organising everyone and making sure everyone has the right information.

The Venue was also very very nice: Based at the Loreal Headquarters in Hammersmith (We all felt rather suave with our name tags and guest passes lol). We arrived to a nice spread of food and drink, although personally hummus? sandwiches dont tickle my pickle. ;)

After we'd been fed and watered we listened to a brief presentation and found out about the Brands core values and learnt a little bit about their new products - The pulse Perfection Mascara and Colour Sensation Lipsticks.

After this we were given our goody bags and left to visit the "stalls" to try out different products. I thought that the Foundation Stall was fantastic as it allowed us to pick the right shade and formulation that suited us. Therefore we actually received foundations that we could use and were the right shade.

Towards the end we were invitd to take some of the products from the tables and say our goodbyes. A few of us headed towards Pizza Express but to cut a long story short our plans changed and we ended up in McDonalds being the Classy Girls that we are lol (Big Mac Fries and a Strawberry milkshake ftw!)

Another fantastic event, superbly organised, although I felt again there were just far too many people, At times it was so cramped you couldn't physically move! This was the only thing I could fault with this event and in all fairness I'm not really sure this problem can be eradicated.

So there you have it!! I feel incredibly lucky to have been invited to these events and had lots of opportunities to meet up with some fantastic girls.

Well Done if you made it this far and in homage to Gemsmaquillage write "Gemma" in a comment below if you made it this far! :D

Thanks for reading, I hope this was slightly different to the other posts you've read :)



Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Sorry I've been MIA for a while, I've been super busy with one thing and another. I have also lost the lead for my camera so can't upload any pics :( I also have sooooo many different things to blog about I'm not sure where to start!
Hopefully I can form a list of Blogposts I can do without a Camera lol :D

Hope you are all well!!


Sunday, 16 August 2009

One word....


These baby's were stumbled across in New Look on Saturday.

I knew they had to be mine.

I don't own any shoes like this and I thought they will look gorgeous with some skinny jeans or something. I really do need to buy more heels. :) I must own 5 pairs of heels max!!

They were £25 and they also had them in grey, and they are very comfy to wear too!

My advice?? Get to New Look and grab a pair before they sell out ;)


Garnier Pure Active Range

So this post is long overdue, and as the Lovely Natalie at Headstream PR is finishing her report for Garnier on Monday I thought I would give you my two pennies worth on the Garnier Pure Active range.

This isn't going to be a long post as to be honest I'm sure you have all already read lots of posts about this particular skin care range.

As a whole I personally did not like the Pure Active Range for one reason... the scent.

To me it smelt like "mens toiletries" smell, and I hated it. I therefore didn't use the products continuously enough to write an honest review.

However the moisturiser is a different story. As most of you are aware I was already using the Garnier Pure A Moisturiser before the new range came out. I was actually on my third bottle.

I was therefore very excited to try the new version of the moisturiser, and I absolutely love it just I did its predecessor. To summarise here is what I love about this moisturiser:

  • It has the most lovely refreshing cucumber scent
  • It isn't at all greasy and absorbs into the skin quickly
  • it almost seems to mattify shine on the skin
  • It is also a nice base for make up
  • It has a new pump action rather than the traditional squeezy bottle

Overall this moisturiser gets a huge thumbs up from me. If you havnt already tried it and have oily acne prone skin I recommend you give it a try! I am now on my 5th bottle!



Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Acne ....

It may be difficult to believe that I have Acne, but in actual fact I do, and although it isn't extremely severe, It is severe enough to warrant Prescription Medication.

All through my teens right up until me hitting around 20 I had flawless skin. That might sound as though I'm "bigging" myself up but it is the absolute truth, I never ever got spots, and on the very rare occasion I did they were tiny. If anything I had dry skin and used to have dry patches in the winter months.

Then I hit my 20's and BAM I'm struck with Adult Acne! What is all that about??

It now have what I would call Oily / Combination Acne Prone Skin. It comes and goes in bouts and is sometimes more severe than others.

When the spots do come however they are just awful, and there is only so much make up can do before you start to feel self conscious about it.

So last year I plucked up the courage to go to the doctors about it. I thought they would think I was totally over exaggerating over a few minor spots, but they diagnosed me with Acne and prescribed me with Oxytetracycline Tablets and PanOxyl Gel.

I didnt like the PanOxyl Gel from the off. It was far too drying and left me with a white residue on my skin (not a good look) so decided against using that further. I did however have some luck with the Oxytetracycline which I used for approximately 6 months. The results were amazing as you can see below.

(Please Excuse Silly Pose lol Please Click to enlarge)

However after 6 months (ish) they stopped working as well and the Doctors upped my dosage. This still didn't work so for the last 6 months or so I havn't been taking anything for my Acne.

It has as it usually does come and gone as and when it feels like it, but I can safely say not a week goes by that I dont have spots :(

Here is a little pic I took this morning to show the extent of the acne (I'm sorry I know it isn't pleasant!)

Today I went to the doctors again about my Bubbly ear ( I have a cold boo!) and my Acne .

I have been prescribed with these : Tetralysal - Lymecycline.

It takes around 8 weeks for these tablets to properly work (so the doc says) and if they havn't worked by the end of 8 weeks we will have to consider more "stronger" medication, which is a route I would rather not go down to be honest.

Here's hoping they work! I will most definitely keep you updated with how I get on with them, I will probably do a post with a picture of my bare skin every week and share the results with you all :) If they do not work, I will be going back to the Oxytetracycline again, before trying anything else.

There is a common misconception that unless you have really bad acne the Doctor can't prescribe you with anything, but I urge you to see the Doctor if you are having trouble with your skin, and it is constant.. Not just a couple of pesky spots now and then, There are things the Doctor can do for you :)


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